The adhd bride guide: Planning a wedding with ADHD

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming and stressful task for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The symptoms of ADHD, such as difficulty with organisation, impulsivity, and distractibility, can make it challenging to stay focused and on track with wedding planning. However, with some strategic planning and helpful tips, it is possible to plan your dream day while managing ADHD symptoms. Here are our top tips for wedding planning when you have ADHD:


Weddings are complex events with many moving parts, and it is important to set realistic expectations for what you can accomplish. Start by breaking the planning process down into smaller, manageable tasks, and give yourself plenty of time to complete each one.


A wedding timeline can help you stay on track and ensure that all tasks are completed on time. Use a planner or a digital tool like Trello or Asana to create a timeline that includes important deadlines, such as when to book the venue, send out invitations, and order the cake.


A wedding coordinator can help take some of the stress and responsibility off of you, and keep you on track with planning. If a wedding professional isn't in your budget, enlist the help of friends and family members to assist with tasks like vendor research, appointment scheduling, and wedding day coordination.

4 // keep a wedding planning binder

A wedding planning binder can be a helpful tool for keeping all of your wedding-related documents, notes, and ideas in one place. Use dividers to separate different sections, such as vendor contracts, receipts, and guest lists. A binder also offers more flexibility than traditional wedding planning journals allowing it to better fit your needs.

5 // Prioritise Organisation

Organisation is key when planning a wedding with ADHD. Use a calendar to keep track of important dates, deadlines, and appointments, and make lists for everything, including to-do lists, guest lists, and menu options.

6 // Limit distractions

Distractions can be a significant challenge for individuals with ADHD, so it's important to limit them as much as possible. Turn off your phone and avoid social media during designated wedding planning time, and choose a quiet, distraction-free location for completing tasks.
Body doubling is an excellent strategy to keep you focused whilst navigating the complexities of wedding planning. Having a body double around acts as an anchor, creating a structured environment that reduces distractions and keeps your attention focused on the task at hand. When you tackle your to-do list with your partner or a member of your wedding party, you not only enhance your focus but also holds you accountable. This approach makes the whole experience more manageable and enjoyable, all while crafting wedding planning memories that will last a lifetime.

7 // Take breaks

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, and it's important to take breaks to recharge your batteries. Take a walk, meditate, or engage in a calming activity that helps you manage stress and stay focused.

8 // Stay flexible

Finally, it's essential to stay flexible when planning a wedding with ADHD. Accept that unexpected challenges and changes will happen, and try to approach them with a positive attitude and an open mind.
Planning a wedding when you have ADHD can be a challenging task, but with the right strategies and support, it is possible to create the day of your dreams. Remember to prioritise organisation, set realistic expectations, limit distractions, take breaks, and stay flexible, and you'll be well on your way to a beautiful wedding day.


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