Elevate Your Celebration: 5 top tips for Mastering the Champagne Tower Moment

Champagne towers were a huge 2023 wedding trend and they don't seem to be going anywhere in 2024, adding a touch of glamour and wow factor to any celebration. Here are five top tips to ensure your champagne tower becomes a highlight of your day, and your wedding album:

1 // Chill Your Bottles

The foundation of a successful champagne tower lies in the temperature of the bubbly. Ensure your bottles are well-chilled before pouring. This not only enhances the refreshing quality of the champagne but also helps maintain the structure of the tower by minimising foam formation.

2 // Choose the Right Glassware

Selecting the proper glassware is crucial for a stunning champagne tower. Opt for coupe glasses with a wide, shallow bowl. The design of these glasses allows the champagne to spread evenly, creating a stable base for the tower. The elegance of the coupes also adds a classic touch to your presentation. To hire the perfect glasses for your tower see our coupes here.

3 // Build a Sturdy Foundation

The key to a mesmerising champagne tower is a solid base. Lay the groundwork with a wide and stable foundation of glasses. A secure foundation not only enhances the tower's visual appeal but also minimises the risk of collapsing. Composition is vital. Arrange the glasses in a visually appealing pyramid or tower formation and use symmetry to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing display.

Take your time building the base to ensure stability for the layers above. Building a champagne tower is an art that requires patience. Take your time layering the glasses, allowing the tower to stabilise. Rushing this process increases the risk of glasses shifting or collapsing. Embrace the gradual build-up, and your champagne tower will stand as a testament to your patience and dedication.

Remember, don’t stack the tower too high. It's impractical to provide a drink for every guest in this way.

4 // Pre-Fill

It is unrealistic to think that you can perfectly fill each coupe in a tower without spilling precious fizz all over the table and floor. For maximum efficiency pre-fill the bottom two tiers prior to stacking and let the fizz flow down. Trust me, it really will make a difference.

5 // Location, Location, Location

To really take your champagne tower to the next level remember to keep in mind the background, lighting and decor. Consider including elements from your day in the background, such as florals or a ceremony backdrop, to enhance the overall atmosphere of the photo. Not only will this look stunning, but it will also tie your photos together with those from other parts of your day.

Ensure your setup is well-lit to highlight the elegance of the champagne tower. Soft, ambient lighting works best for a sophisticated look.
By following these five tips you'll ensure that the champagne tower moment becomes a memorable highlight of your day, and your wedding album!


Photography // Cara Zagni Photography, Styling & Decor // The Blissful Bride, Venue // Unique Norfolk Venues at Reymerston Hall
Florals // Lily Jayne Florist, Hair // Boho Beauty Box, MUA // Carley Hall Make Up, Dress // Enzoani at Mimi Toko

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